In 2012 Wazi Group Limited was founded to address the gaps in IT, brand, and print production,  sectors by providing reliable, cost-effective solutions with professionalism, efficiency, and integrity as our core drivers. The goal was to solve real problems in Uganda and Africa as a whole and also provide employment for a young and energetic team of people.

...promising to always be professional, reliable proficient, honest, efficient and knowledgeable in all we do…

With over 10 years of experience, the company has since grown and evolved, with our values still at heart, concentrating in the ICT, Publications, and Branding industries. With major clients in Uganda, South Sudan, Congo, and Rwanda. A key distinguishing factor of Wazi group is we aim to save you money, time, and from all the stress and the hustle by promising to always be professional, reliable, proficient, honest, efficient, and knowledgeable in all we do. You can rest assured that working with us will be a smooth stress-free experience. With deliverables on time as promised, and with frequent updates and communications. We rise to meet and suit your corporate needs and expectations.

We can afford to lose money – even a lot of money. But we can’t afford to lose reputation – even a shred of reputation.

Warren Buffet


Wazi Group Limited specializes in the following;

  • Software, Web &  Apps design and development

  • Branding and brand strategy

  • Print and publications

  • Graphic design, UX UI

  • General Supplies: 

Our entire skilled staff and teams work hard in order to ensure that our products and services are not only perfect, but reliable and delivered and done with utmost efficiency, competence and excellence.