Tech Trends and Directions for 2024:

Tech Trends and Directions for 2024:

As the new year is approaching, we wanted to share our insights on the future of tech and AI, which is a major force in the industry right now. In this blog post, we will discuss some of the trends that we expect to see in the next 12 months.

The end of having to pound semi-colons:

It’s not going to remove the coder; that’s a really important thing. It’ll just shift the work to other things. If you can make the time to deliver and to add value for the coder, the more time they have to innovate and create more architectural things. Time spent doing one thing is time spent not doing another. Time spent pounding semi-colons is time not spent thinking about the next evolutionary addition or game changer to your app or product. As AI advances and Copilots become more widely spread and used, the more time people using them will have to focus and do more, faster.

the more time they have to innovate and create more architectural things

Let’s be real for a second. You deep down know very well that the code monkey you have on your team is capable of so much more. He just doesn’t have the time to try those other things and isn’t given the opportunity to apply himself and be/create more. Generative AI can give people that, and we all know the more and faster people innovate and create, the better.

Time saved from semicolon purgatory is time spent brainstorming, innovating, and unleashing the true potential of that “code monkey” on your team

More enterprise apps are coming with their own (Gen) AI.

Every company is now rushing to train their own AI using their own data and rush it to market to get you to use theirs over the next one. From things like search Bing and Google using their own LLMs and Gen AIs, to things like Sales Force, Twitter(X), and Snapchat coming with their own AI built-in. I don’t blame them. At the end of the day, they all want to give the clients their own custom-fitted better user experience. My advice though, don’t ever get sucked into having one vendor. Just like the internet is a multi-website experience, Copilots and Gen AIs should be multi as well. Try as many as you can get your hands on. None is “the best”. Learn many, and narrow down to the ones that work for you.

Multi-Modality Generative AIs

The game-changing AI is not going to come from text data (chatGPTs and such), but more from other kinds of data. Text generative AIs are impressive and all that, but that’s not where the game changer is. That’s not where the real disruption is. This is the one I am personally excited about. So far, the Gen AIs we have been getting are mainly text-driven, but that doesn’t mean that’s all that’s possible. We have video data Gen AIs, Image Data Gen AIs, and I can’t wait to see what others come out of other types of data, Molecules, Blueprints, etc. This is where I see the real value of Gen AIs is going to be. Multi-Modality Gen AIs.

Multi-modal generative systems that can fluidly handle multiple media representations may lead to truly game-changing applications. 
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