The AIs won’t take your jobs, other people will.

The AI’s won’t take your jobs. It’s the people who know how to use them that will.

Just like a doctor who knows how to use a computer will be chosen over one who doesn’t, the same principle applies to all sectors, fields, and workplaces.

Being able to use AI will give you an added advantage. These tools are incredibly powerful, but it’s important to remember that they are just tools. They are not conscious beings plotting and scheming to take over your job. They are simply tools.

Think back to when humans first discovered tools for cutting things. Imagine the power and advantage that gave those who used them compared to those who didn’t. They could now cut up their meat, for example.

Now imagine the individuals who discovered metallic tools, learned how to use them, and started using them. This gave them an edge because they could create arrows and other weapons, allowing them to conquer more land and ensure the survival of their genes and people for a longer time than those who didn’t utilize these tools.

This pattern repeats throughout human history, from major tool discoveries to the industrial revolution and world wars.

Fast forward to the tool that was the computer. I don’t need to explain how much of an advantage it gave to those who adapted, learned, and used it. The richest top 10 lists are filled with people from the computing world.

Generative AI is another tool of equal magnitude. Those who use, learn, adapt, and utilize it early on will have an edge over those who don’t. By people, I mean individuals from all walks of life. The knowledge and use of these tools will no longer be limited to a select few.

That’s partly why I write these messages. I want people to be aware of these tools and start using them. I want individuals to discover how these tools can give them an edge, an advantage, or simply speed up their work or improve their lives. I know that, regardless of who you are or what sector you’re in, these tools can help. You just have to start using them to see how they can benefit you. I can assure you that they can. So please give them a try. There are many free and amazing tools available. Please start using them.

You don’t want to be the doctor who can’t use a computer or the caveman who didn’t learn how to use tools to cut his meat or food. It’s not technical, and you don’t need to learn any coding. In fact, a trick I can suggest is to ask an AI instead of googling things these days. Start there.

These tools will be an added advantage in every sector, field, and industry. They will significantly boost productivity. Please learn or, better yet, start using them.

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